Samsonite Hyperspace XLT Review

samsonite hyperspace xlt

If there is one thing Samsonite, one of the leaders in the luggage industry, guarantees, it is a high level of durability. From backpacks, to large pieces of luggage, you will be guaranteed high quality that will last for years. The Samsonite Luggage Hyperspace XLT Spinner Boarder Bag is no exception. Whether you are the type who needs that extra piece of luggage for your business trips or vacation, this is an item that will appeal to all types of travelers.

UPDATE: The Hyperspace has been discontinued so feel free to choose an updated suitcase


Body Dimensions:

18.1” x 16.1” x 9.5”

Overall Dimensions:

20.5” x 14.75” x 10.5”


Black and Green


7.8 lbs.


60% Nylon and 40% Polyester

Other Hyperspace sizes:

  • 21″ Expandable Carry On
  • 25″ Expandable Suitcase
  • 30″ Expandable Suitcase
  • Matching handbag


What is most striking initially about the Hyperspace bag is that it manages to accomplish the rare feat of having a professional and casual look simultaneously. Being made of fabric allows it have that casual, recreational look; however, at the same time it has a solid professional look to it that we really like. While it does not have a hard case, it does have an exceptionally durable fabric that would rival some hard cased suitcases. The bag has proven to be resistant to rips and tears according to numerous owners providing reviews. Additionally, despite being made out of plastic, the wheels included are fully functional without any documented complaints of getting stuck or breaking, regardless of what is loaded into the bag.


It goes without saying that space availability is one of the most important aspects in deciding on what luggage to purchase. While the Hyperspace is short, it allows for plenty of roomy storage thanks to its width and depth. First off, for those wanting a bag that fits their laptop, this bag has plenty of room for that with space which can accommodate laptops up to 15.6 inches.

Beyond your providing a safe place for your laptop, most people will have enough room in this bag to spend up to four days away from home. The bag provides three pouches of increasing size, allowing flexibility when packing, whether you need to store clothes, books, folders, toiletries, etc. Each compartment is fully cushioned giving each item and the bag added protection. The suitcase also contains a small organizer which can be removed. This is perfect for those who want to either eliminate the organizer to provide more space for necessary items, or would prefer allowing specifics such as papers, cell phones and smaller tablets to be safe and secure.

Due to the shortness of the bag, the Hyperspace can serve as a regular carry on, or sometimes even a personal item, being the exact size to fit under the seat in front of you. This will be an attractive feature for those traveling light, allowing them to bypass checking their bag. Not to mention that travelers can now have all of their necessary items at their fingertips.

What fits?

Among the items that can be placed together for a trip, are four pairs of clothes, a laptop, a tablet, a book or two, shoes and toiletries.

Here’s a video showcasing the 21″ Carry on version:


Sometimes, luggage made out of fabric is not the sturdiest. Between eventual holes, rips and zippers coming apart from the fabric, hardcase shells can seem less risky. Through the years though, Samsonite has proven itself to be an innovator in durable fabric luggage. Instead of thin fabric, the Hyperspace melds the sturdiest nylon with polyester to help create a double shield of protection, thus it is quite difficult to harm the bag. Beyond the material of the bag, another common problem among luggage is the zipper. It is not rare that many bags have zippers that fall off to one side or break off. The Hyperspace has a smooth zipper system that revolves around the entirety of the bag for all three pouches.


One of the things that sets the Hyperspace bag apart from most other luggage is how customizable it is to suit a traveler’s needs. As mentioned, the bag allows for a variety of space customization. Whether you want to focus on bringing many days worth of clothes or you want to bring an array of business items and folders, it can accommodate both needs.

Another interesting feature of the bag is the choices you have in moving it around the airport. On one hand, you can use it like any other bag and carry it with its top handle. Additionally, it has a handle bar that can be used to drag it with two wheels or, if preferred, four wheels. What customers really seem to like about this aspect is how easy the bag is to maneuver. In airports, it is common to run across tight, narrow spaces, but many owners have raved about how easy it is to get through their travels without crashing into anything.

Overall Impression

The Hyperspace XLT Spinner Garment Bag does what one would expect from a Samsonite product. It gives the traveler plenty of options. Going on a business trip but don’t want the hassle of large pieces of luggage? A full week’s clothes as well as laptop and folders should fit with ease at half the size. Going on an impromptu vacation? A few days clothes, several books, running shoes, toiletries and even a few card games will fit no problem.

This bag also is a prime example of what a frequent traveler wants. Unlike other brands with thin wear and tear from their fabric, Samsonite wants you to have a bag you deserve for the long haul. This is why they have crafted the Hyperspace. No longer do you have to worry about the bag being damaged after a few months or even a year.

If there is one bag you must get that you could use as a standalone for frequent travel or even as an extra piece of luggage to your set, do not hesitate on the Samsonite Luggage Hyperspace XLT Spinner Boarding Bag.

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