Best Digital Luggage Scale for 2022

digital luggage scales

Why do I need a digital luggage scale?

For the frequent traveler, a digital luggage scale is a very important item to own, and they only cost around $10 – $20. A luggage scale can help prevent you from paying surprise fees based on the weight of your suitcase. Most people are familiar with baggage size restrictions, however about half of every major airline also has weight restrictions that every passenger must abide by.

Typically those airlines’ weight restrictions range from as low as 15 lbs. up to 50 lbs. Just like you should read luggage reviews when buying a new bag, it’s important to check out luggage scale reviews so you don’t end up with a a cheap luggage scale you’ll end up replacing after a few uses. Below is our favorite scale, the Dungeger, followed by a close runner-up.

Overweight bags can cost up to an additional $100+

What’s the best digital luggage scale?

backlit digital luggage scaleThe Winner: Dunheger Digital Luggage Scale


  • 110 lbs. max
  • Backlit display
  • Light, fast, durable, and inexpensive

What comes with it?

  • AAA batteries
  • Carrying pouch
  • Traveling tips and tricks e-guide

Just about every luggage scale for sale is a digital luggage scale. Of course there are tons of great scales if you do a quick search for luggage scale reviews, however, this one is our most favorite. What we like about the Dunheger digital luggage scale, aside from doing everything it’s supposed to do well and quickly, are the bonus items. This particular scale comes with 2 free AAA batteries, saving you an additional purchase. The carrying case is a good touch as well, because most do not come with one. If that wasn’t enough, they have included an e-guide filled with useful traveling tips and tricks.

This guide isn’t a physical item shipped with the scale, but rather a downloadable PDF which you get via email upon ordering. Most other reviewers have found this quite informative and a nice little bonus for such an inexpensive item. This particular digital luggage scale will default to kilograms, but as seen in the unboxing video, it’s quite easy to switch to pounds if that’s your preference. We can’t say enough about this one, it’s hands-down the best backlit digital luggage scale for sale.

best digital luggage scalesThe Runner Up: Tarriss Jetsetter Digital Luggage Scale


  • 110 lbs. max
  • Non-backlit display

What comes with it?

  • Long-lasting CR2032 lithium battery
  • Ultimate Insider’s Guide to Traveling Through Airports PDF

If we’re going by sheer volume of 5-star Amazon reviews, we would have to pick this one as the best digital luggage scale. Searching through top digital luggage scale reviews will steer you towards this model. What this has that the above scale doesn’t, is an awesome lifetime warranty. If anything goes wrong, Tarriss will ship you out a new scale and even pay for the shipping.

It’s tough to beat that, but because digital luggage scales usually hold up very well and last a long time, we consider the lifetime warranty as more of a ‘nice to have’ but not as crucial as a few other features. We really wish this model had a backlight screen like the Dunheger does. We also wish that the manufacturer would have thrown in a free carrying case or pouch like the other scale listed above does.

One final nitpicky item is that although this scale also comes with the battery you need, it happens to be a CR2032, which is slightly tougher to find and more expensive than 2 AAA batteries (which is what the Dunheger uses). Aside from a few shortcomings, the reason we can call this one our 2nd favorite is because it is an extremely well-made item. It also comes with a downloadable PDF, but you get the link for that inside the packaging when you order the scale.

How to use a digital luggage scale

Using a digital luggage scale is pretty straightforward and generally works like this:

  1. Turn it on
  2. Attach the strap or hook to a handle on the luggage
  3. Lift the luggage by holding the scale
  4. Read the weight on the digital display

Make sure to only hold the scale itself, and lift the suitcase completely off the ground for an accurate weight reading. The good news is that digital luggage scales are incredibly fast with their readouts, and some even have an indicator beep to inform you that it has reached an accurate weight. Digital luggage scales typically offer a readout in pounds or kilograms, which you can toggle back and forth to select your preferred method using just one button.


Overweight bag fees can be expensive surprises – avoid these fees by spending less than 20 bucks on a digital luggage scale. Since these scales are extremely light and portable, why not take yours with you and be a Good Samaritan at the airport. Letting a stranger use your digital luggage scale can potentially help save them money as well.

Buying a digital luggage scale as a gift is a wonderful idea, and if you’re buying someone luggage as a gift, spending an additional 10 to 20 bucks on a scale makes for a great addition. It’s also a good idea to have one even if you don’t travel often, just leave the scale inside your suitcase – that way you won’t lose it. In the long run, buying a digital luggage scale is a very small investment.

If you don’t buy one, you may find yourself at an airport gate having to fork over an additional $100, or even leave some items behind. Don’t get stuck with silly fees that are easily avoidable – get yourself (or the traveler you love) a digital luggage scale.

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