Best Luxury Luggage Brands in 2023

In today’s world of daily deals, you can finally buy that leather suitcase for 50% off because, after all, who knows when a discount like that will come around again. You know that this, like so many other items, is something you do not really need but figure would be nice to have for a traveler like you, especially when such a nice item comes at such a discounted price.

Though there is something quite rewarding about finding a great deal, you may find some disappointment when you find that the latch to secure the bag shut is flimsy and unreliable. You may find that a good deal can get in the way of good quality, so when you’re looking for luxury luggage in a market over saturated with luggage choices, you might have a tough time distinguishing a deal from a bust.

It’s entirely possible to find high-quality and clean looking suitcases on places like Amazon.

The 12 Best Luxury Luggage Brands

Luxury BrandWhere to Buy
Louis Vuitton LuxuryLouis VuittonLouis Vuitton
hartmann logoHartmannhartmann
Ralph Lauren Luxury BrandRalph LaurenRalph Lauren
Alfred Dunhill LuxuryAlfred DunhillAlfred Dunhill Luggage
Rimowa Luxury BrandRimowaRimowa Luxury LuggageRimowa
Porche Drivers SelectionPorsche Driver’s SelectionPorche Luxury
Bottega Veneta Luxury LuggageBottega VenetaBottega Veneta
Valextra Luggage ReviewsValextraValextra Luxury LuggageValextra
Swaine Adeney Brigg Luxury LuggageSwaine Adeney BriggSwaine Adeney Brigg Luggage

Globe Trotter Luxury LuggageGlobe-TrotterGlobe Trotter Luxury

Tumi Carry OnTumiAlpha InternationalTumi
Saddleback Leather Luxury LuggageSaddlebackSaddleback Luxury SuitcasesSaddleback

You believe in the saying that you get what you pay for, so you want to get the best luxury luggage for your money, but you don’t want to waste your money on an item that won’t meet your expectations. You’re doing a great service to yourself by researching luggage that will offer the quality, craftsmanship and refinement that luxury brands can offer.

These reputable brands specialize in combining durability and style, so whichever luggage you decide to purchase will actually leave you feeling excited about packing and showing off your new bags on your upcoming trip!

Standout Luxury Luggage Brands

When looking for luxury luggage, how do you define luxury? Can you find the luxury you are looking for in the reputation of a brand name? Do you associate luxury with how much you spend?

Although you may be searching for luxury luggage that encompasses high-end quality, looks and brand name, you can’t justify spending anywhere near $3,000 on one carry-on suitcase. When the prices are outside of your budget, it is good to know that there are highly reputable luggage brands that offer the craftsmanship, refinement, durability and style that you deserve. Luxury luggage can also be purchased in a set, for our favorites – check out the best luxury luggage sets. Two standout luggage leaders that can offer the luxury you are looking for are Tumi and Saddleback.


Tumi Luxury Carry On

Tumi prides itself as the leading international brand of travel, business and lifestyle accessories. Since 1975, this company has continued their focus on principles of design excellence, functional superiority and technical innovation. Customers find that Tumi luggage combines modern and stylish designs with scratch-resistant and lightweight durability. Customers are also impressed with Tumi’s innovative and cutting-edge technologies in their collections of designer luggage sets.

Tumi’s closure system to reduce risk of damage to the zipper and the Tumi Tracer to help with recovering lost or stolen items are just two of more than 25 patents for design, engineering and technology. Another indication of the brand’s longstanding reputation is their commitment to their consumer’s ongoing satisfaction. Tumi is dedicated to providing their customers with an outstanding ownership experience and excellent after-sales customer service, which Tumi describes in their Limited Warranty.

UPDATE: Tumi has been purchased by Samsonite in 2016, however Samsonite has made it clear that they don’t intend to water down the quality (or likely the price) of the Tumi brand.



hartmann hard case

Hartmann is one of our favorite luxury luggage brands because they are one of the oldest American luggage manufacturers – and because they make excellent, high-end soft and hard-sided luggage. Hartmann has a rich heritage that dates all the way back to 1877 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Beggining as a trunk maker, Hartmann has since expanded into making dozens of different types of bags that range from suitcases and garment bags, to backpacks and shoulder bags.

Hartmann luggage reviews are all over the internet and are extremely favorable for the most part. People who are willing to spend more money than the average luggage shopper know that you really get your money’s worth with Hartmann. The average user rating floats somewhere around 4.5 – 5 stars from people who purchase.

In 2012 Hartmann was sold to luggage giant Samsonite. Samsonite has seemed to have taken the “If it’s not broke don’t fix it” mindset which is good news for the fans of high-quality, good-looking luggage.

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Check out the rigorous testing that Hartmann luggage pieces go through to ensure proper durability standards have been met:


Saddlback Luxury Suitcase

Saddleback’s products are enough to attract travelers seeking uniquely beautiful luxury luggage, but the brand continues to convert travelers from first-time customers to loyal Saddleback advocates. After learning first-hand what makes Saddleback such a reputable luxury luggage leader, some customers have returned to purchase a second bag while another customer stated to have purchased her sixth.

While many reviewers were wary about the cost of these bags, these same customers state that the bags are well worth the price with one customer saying that his bag is worth twice what he spent. Saddleback’s bags, made of very high quality leather, are extremely tough, rugged and durable.

These bags do not have zippers, snaps or buttons to break, contributing to a unique structural integrity. One piece is so unique; it is made of a single piece of full-grain leather. With a style classified as simple yet modern, customers have received many compliments on their bags, which they described as a piece of art or an heirloom piece. Saddleback has also received rave reviews about fantastic customer service, as the brand sets an unreachable standard for customer service and satisfaction with its 100-year warranty.

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