Where to Buy Luggage Online [Best time and place for good deals]

The Luggage List does not stock or sell luggage. Our site was created as a helpful resource for luggage shoppers who want to know what the best luggage is for a variety of types and brands and offering them luggage reviews. Across the site we typically refer people to Amazon as the best place to buy luggage, however websites change prices and offer specials so we want to provide a list of approved luggage retailers.

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Some sites may offer deals like free shipping, or put certain items on clearance for a steal. If you’re wondering where the best place to buy luggage is, take a look at the deals and shipping offers at the below, Luggage List approved, online retailers.

Buy Amazon LuggageAmazon is our favorite place to buy luggage, or pretty much anything else you could want. You can't beat free 2-day shipping with Prime, a must have for frequent shoppers.Shop Now
Shop Briggs and RileyThe Official Online Retailer of the Briggs & Riley luggage brand. The maker of one of our favorite carry ons ever. Shop Now
Buy eBags LuggageeBags is the world's largest online retailer of luggage, backpacks, handbags, business and laptop bags, travel accessories and much more.Shop Now
Buy Living Social LuggageLiving Social is our favorite "flash deal site" that can offer luggage (and vacations) at highly discounted prices, just search on their site for "luggage".Shop Now
Zappos LuggageZappos is mostly known for shoes, however they also have a very large selection of luggage and really great prices and free ship deals.Shop Now

When it comes to purchasing luggage, you don’t want to just buy the first thing you see, or the cheapest. Everyone should shop around and do their homework to find the right bag for them that fits their needs. Take your time, shop around, and most importantly – read reviews!

We hope that you find our site to be an exceptional resource when it comes to finding the best bag for you. If you have any luggage related questions, feel free to  leave a comment below, or send us a note through our contact page.

Where can I buy affordable luggage?

If you’re looking for the best cheap luggage buying options, deal sites could be your best friend. Deal sites are places that list temporary sales on specific luggage. These sites can refer you to places like Amazon, Ebay, Target, or some other retailer. Sometimes they provide you with a coupon code needed for the deal.

We suggest bookmarking places like Slick Deals or Deal News and be ready to buy when you see something you like. Typically these are temporary deals or flash sales. Different deal sites tend to pop up from time to time so make sure to check back with us from time to time to hear about the latest and best places to buy luggage online

Where can I buy luxury luggage?

Luxury luggage can be purchased directly from the manufacturer. Companies like Tumi, Briggs & Riley and others have their own sites for direct sales. If you’re looking to shop different luxury luggage brands together, places like Bloomingdales, Saks and even Amazon can offer great high-end luggage online or in person (well, not Amazon).

What’s the best time to buy luggage?

The best time to buy luggage online is in March according to CNBC. New luggage styles tend to come out in March which means retailers are scrambling to get rid of the previous year’s inventory. This is a great time to catch good deals- but don’t forget to keep an eye on the deal sites we’ve mentioned above.

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