The Best Luggage Tag to Fit Your Style

Whether you are checking your luggage or carrying on, everybody needs luggage tags. At the same time, they are quite possibly the most neglected luggage accessory in terms of people actually getting a decent set. Instead, travelers tend to go with the cheapest tags they can find, assuming they are easy to write on and should last forever. Cheap tags can definitely do the trick, but it can be worth it to spend just a little more for a better quality and better looking tag.

The reality is that many people find through their travel experiences that they have to keep buying new luggage tags. Low-quality paper tags tend to break off and can rip very easily – not to mention they look just like everyone else’s, making it difficult to differentiate your bags from hundreds of others. As such, while tags appear to be a simple purchase, a smart traveler needs to be careful in choosing a tag in terms of its durability, ease of use and appearance.

best luggage tags


When it comes to whether or not your tags will last long term, one has to look into the material of the product The best luggage tags are made from highly durable materials. You’ll find quickly by searching online, that luggage tags can be made from leather, to varying degrees of plastic and even certain metals like aluminum as well. While most are concerned with the body of the tag, it is actually the attaching piece that is the most important. The majority of these tag loops are made out of cheap plastic and have a habit of falling off or ripping after a while. However, there are some which are made of steel and other strong materials that will prevent your identification tag from falling off, or breaking.

Ease of Use

Using a bag identity tag is not rocket science. However, there are some important factors needed in buying one. First off, make sure the information card is fits in the card/paper holder easily. Secondly, make sure the card has many options in terms of listing name, phone, address, email, etc. You also want to be careful with what information you include on your luggage tag. These are vital decisions in making sure you are getting the right tag.


The vast majority of luggage tags come in a basic rectangle shape with a smaller rectangle card inside used for your personal information. These most basic tags come in a variety of colors and designs to match your style. However, for those who wants something different, which would help in having your luggage stand out from the crowd, there are plenty of unique designs.

professional luggage tagsBest Professional Luggage Tag
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There are not many tags to purchase that look much more professional than TUFFTAG. Whether you want silver and red, black and yellow, etc., the colors are eye catching and stand out from the typical tag.

What makes this tag truly distinguished is its durable steel cable with a twist lock. Instead of trying to tie a low quality plastic loop, all that is needed to secure this tag is to unlock and lock the tag in place. There is no risk of it falling off and many online reviewers have stated that both the tag itself and loop are quite durable.

As an added bonus, TUFFTAG allows you to print off your personal information in PDF form automatically with your purchase. This removes the hassle of handwriting your tag. If reliability, durability and a printable label are what you desire in a luggage tag, there truly is not a better choice than TUFFTAAG.

Best Discreet Luggage Tagdiscreet luggage tags

While at first glance, Travelon’s tags do not look anything outside the ordinary, they are quite unique. For those who do not want every bit of information including address, phone, etc. readable from glancing, this tag limits it to just the name being shown. The way the tag is constructed is that the information card is inside with an open slot on the body, making only the name section visible.

If your bag is lost and someone else needs to find more of your information, all they have to do is undo the strap and button swivel, which allows the tag to open up. This is an advantage and a disadvantage though. As some users have pointed out, it is easy to break a tag by opening it from the wrong side; however, this can be prevented by reading the instructions.

Durability is not the best with this tag. It is made of basic plastic and too much tug on one side will rip the tag. The strap on the other hand is made out of the same material found on backpack straps, which is tough to destroy. As such, it is easy to attach the tag to a piece of luggage and keep it secure. What makes this a good buy for some customers is its look. With the exception of the black, this tag comes with a variety of bright colors including green, yellow and pink, thus making it easy to track down from afar.

monogrammed luggage tagBest Monogramed Luggage Tag

PB travel puts out one of the more unique tag on this list. It is not in the typical shape of a rectangle. It is not made of cheap plastic. Instead, the tag is in the shape of a circle with a large initial on the front that is fully customizable. This design scheme makes these tags stand out between the large initial and circular shape. It also comes in five different colors.

Customers have raved about the unique look of the tag and its customization. Their only real complaint about the tag is that while it is described to be made out of leather, it is not. Instead, it is more of a fake leather. That said, customers have mentioned that it is quite durable and easy to attach to luggage without falling off. If you want something unique that will have your bag standing out from the crowd, PB Travel has you covered.

Best Unique Luggage Tagunique luggage tags

Accoutrements wins the award on this list for most unique travel tag. Instead of a basic rectangle, this tag comes in the form of large googly eyes.

This out of the box design is sure to set your travel bags apart from the other travelers on your plane. It will be impossible to miss your bags coming down the conveyor. While it is unique in design, the back of the googly eyes has the tried and true method of a rectangular envelope with a rectangle information card inside.

As distinctive as this item may be, many customers have mentioned that the tag is quite flimsy. Some have reviewed the item by saying the vinyl eyes have completely fallen off. Others have said the plastic on the sides have ripped.

The only part that does not seem to be flimsy is the strap, which locks onto any luggage like other buckles do. If a quirky tag is the way you want to go, Accoutrements may win your heart over, but just be aware that these unique luggage tags are probably the least sturdy tags on this list.

jelly luggage tagsBest Jelly Luggage Tag

One of the more popular trends in luggage tags is bright colors to separate from the traditional bland colors that tags usually come in, such as your browns, blacks, greys, etc. Travel Smart continues the trend with brightly colored tags that come in pink, blue and green and are made from that vinyl, jelly shoes and bracelet material every girl remembers from her childhood.

While it is great to differentiate tags from the rest of the crowd, customers have said that they may have gone a little overboard on the colorization, with some stating that the information card inside the vinyl jelly can be difficult to read.

Despite the readability problem, the only other issue with these tags is being able to keep them attached to your bag. Because the whole tag is made out of vinyl, it can prove to be cumbersome to tie the tags to the luggage without it falling off. However, customers have said that the tag is quite durable. If durability is what you crave in a bag, Travel Smart will ensure your tags do not get destroyed, just keep in mind it may take some out of the box thinking to keep them on the bag.

Luggage Tags That Suit Your Style and Personality

When it comes to travel, no longer are people limited in their choices of luggage tags. From basic rectangular, plain looking tags to googly eyes, there is a tag that fits all personalities. However, before making that final choice, one must weigh their options in terms of durability and options. Finding the best luggage tag isn’t too tough if you know what to look for.

We addressed several categories that everyone is sure to find a great tag in, although just by searching on Amazon you’re able to find a huge variety of different luggage tags. Our top 5 list of tags have all been approved by The Luggage List, but we are well aware that sites sell other tags that are probably just as good. You’ve got the bag, now get a great luggage tag that fits both your style and your personality.

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