What’s the Best Briefcase for Men?

briefcases for men

Briefcases have been a reliable ally to businessman since the 1850s. Whether you are a CEO or another one of the guys in the office, most men desire a high-quality briefcase to keep all of their work belongings with them day after day.

Picking a briefcase is not an easy task though. In today’s work environment, not only must a case look professional but it must also be able to hold a plethora of materials, be durable, and secure.


Unlike many other travel items, briefcases do not differ much in terms of their looks. Most come in either black or brown and are bound in leather. It is the quality of leather that many can be finicky about. The final differentiating factor between cases is the lock. Some come in black, silver or gold and some have a combination of all three with a little bit of red added in. Also keep in mind the size and overall quality of the lock.


As mentioned in the previous section, the main difference between a strong case and a cheap case is the quality of the leather. Some cases are strong and can withstand years of use. Others, on the other hand, will have a limited lifespan. Beyond the leather, it is also important to do your research on the inside padding and if it too can withstand constant travel.

Packing Space

In the past, briefcases were used for an ample amount of items, i.e. notebook, folders and pens. The modern businessmen need to carry laptops, tablets and even phones in their cases. Today, many briefcases for men come with several pockets in the interior to hold such items and keep them in place in order to prevent many items going all over the place.


While one should not be without his briefcase frequently, security is an important factor in deciding which brand to purchase. Many of these cases have different key lock combinations and options. Some are more advanced and difficult to crack than others. At the same time, some have a habit of malfunctioning while others stay intact.

SOLO Classic Collection Mens Leather Briefcase (K85-4)leather briefcase for men reviews

If a bargain is what you seek in a briefcase, this SOLO may be the case. With a large interior featuring multiple pockets and a deep nesting area, it’s a great case to encase all of your business belongings without them being crammed inside. Coupled with the interior pockets is an organizer section and a convenient Velcro closure for files. It also has plenty of options in terms of security with golden dual locks on the top of the case. It comes covered with a vinyl body that is supposed to be tough and long lasting.

The problem with this case is that it is a bit of a mixed bag. Some users have found it to be very reliable in terms of storage and longevity. Others have found problems with the sturdiness of the product, claiming the case, particularly the interior, falls apart within weeks. Others, although few, have had issues in being able to use the dual lock properly. Regardless, if a diverse case is what you crave, the SOLO Attache will serve you appropriately. Easily a great value if you’re shopping for the best briefcase for men.

alpine swiss briefcase for menAlpine Swiss Expandable Leather Briefcase for Men

If quality leather is what you seek in a briefcase, this Alpine Swiss case is ideal for you. This one is hands down one of the most popular leather briefcases for men. Not only is it encased with quality leather, but its interior is quite professional with smooth padding inside for pockets – whether for folders, pens, phone and/or a laptop. To help lay the foundation of the case, there are four protective metal feet that allow for some support. Many customers have mentioned that the handle is well constructed and ergonomic, thus making traveling easier. This case also holds a one year warranty upon purchase.

Despite all the positives for this case, there appears to be one glaring negative. Many have found that the security mechanism is flawed and oftentimes useless. Many have claimed that it is difficult to turn the security numbers. Others have said that the lock does not work at all. If security is what you crave in a case, Alpine Swiss may not be the best bet. However, if you do not plan on using the lock feature, this is not a bad purchase.

McKleinUSA LEXINGTON 83545 Double Compartment Flapover Briefcasemcklein mens briefcase

If you want more of a modern case, McKlein USA has the travel companion for you. This one is unlike traditional briefcases of a hard exterior and lined interior. Instead, it is made of a fine leather that is softer, much like a portfolio notebook but larger. What users tend to like in this case is the multiple zipped compartments that allow for significant storage of files.

It also has a zipper attachment to accompany other luggage for company trips. For the serious businessmen, it also has enough space to hold larger laptops up to 17 inches.  For security, there is a key lock that works to secure your bag that must be unlocked to use if desired.  For those needing their case for travel, it also contains an attachable strap.

While many have raved about the quality of the bag, others have commented how the material around the edges of the bag do get worn over time. The padding on the bag has been stated to be minimal in comparison to other bags on this list, thus leaving items at minor risk. Another problem is that with the bag closing via the clasp, it has been reported to break off after much wear and tear. While there are some minor complaints for the bag, anyone wanting a more modern case with plenty of storage will not hesitate twice for this bag.

solo mens leather briefcaseSolo Classic Collection Leather Briefcase for Laptops (488-4)

This is the second case of the SOLO brand on the list and according to reviews is both better and worse than the K85-4. The first significant change from the other model is that this case has a better executed locking mechanism.

Customers had nothing bad to say about either moving the locks or their ability to function properly. Like the other case, it looks like your traditional black suitcase and has multiple interior pockets for folders and other such items.

The negative for the 488-4 is that many have found the space to be limited. While there certainly are plenty of pockets, a user either needs a laptop/tablet or several books. In other words, you have to make a choice whether to go with a device, or any decently sized book to place inside. Another minor issue is the case’s construction. Some have commented on the glue marks being quite visible, which has led to wear and tear sooner rather than later. Still, many have entrusted their documents and valuables with this case because it has exceptional security for a simple business briefcase.

McKlein USA Turner Leather Expandable Attache Briefcasemcklein leather mens briefcase

The second McKlein case on the list is also the best reviewed briefcase on Amazon. Unlike all the rest of the cases, it comes with a choice of either black or brown. Despite its thin frame, the case has quite a rugged build to it, which has left many reviewers commenting on its great durability.

Additionally, the metal feet are well crafted making it a very high quality case. Its 3-number combination works fluently to help secure belongings, which are encased in a well-padded interior of several pockets and organization schemes.

The only complaint on this bag has to do with the left latch on the case. Many reviewers have stated that it has a tendency to stick after some wear and tear. However, while this is a negative, most have been able to make due despite this issue. If a top of the line case is what you seek, the McKlein Attache is the best mens leather briefcase.

A Briefcase a True Businessman Desires

If you are a businessman seeking a leather briefcase for men to suit all of your needs, choose wisely. Many of the cases shown above have pluses while also having a few minuses. First make sure you know what you want specifically in order to get the case that best fits your needs and line of work.

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