What’s the Best Laptop Backpack for Women?

With everyone always wanting technology with them on the go, laptop bags for women are a highly desired item. More specifically, there is a special market out there for laptop backpacks that are specifically made for women. From the look of the bag, to the durability and a variety of options, as well as a minimal weight load, there are numerous options a woman must determine before they purchase one.

Laptop Backpack for Women

Above all else, a laptop backpack must be able to fit the computer, along with its accessories, with ease. After all, these bags are meant to be for the professional woman as well for those who need their device on vacation. So, without further ado we give you the top five laptop backpacks for women.


The look of a woman’s laptop bag typically varies greatly from that of other laptop backpacks. Gone are the black or dark colors. Additionally, laptop backpacks for women tend to have more intricate and colorful designs, opposed to the simple one or two color schemes for men.  Bags for women oftentimes feature brighter colors with turquoise, pink, yellow, etc. and sometimes even have a more artful look about them with flowers, gemstones, etc. featured on the bag.

Another adjusted feature is the size of the backpack. These bags are smaller than typical laptop backpacks, with many commenting how they are more comfortable and condensed opposed to using a basic bag.


Laptop backpacks are supposed to be capable of holding significant weight. Laptops, as well as their accessories are not light objects. This is why it is important to do your research in terms of what backpacks can last the longest. For business women in particular, a bag that will be in use on an almost daily basis needs to stand the test of time. No rips. No broken straps. These bags need to be able to withstand hefty weight that will also safeguard the contents inside.

Packing Space

Laptop backpacks are known for having significant space. Not only does the bag’s main compartment feature a deeper pocket, but the bag itself needs to be able to fit its accessories and other business, school or vacation-related items as well. From various other pockets, to the depth of pockets, it is important to understand how much space you need in your laptop backpack prior to purchasing.


Due to the range of sizes, laptop backpacks also come with various weights. As such, before purchasing a backpack, one needs to do their research and figure out how much weight they can handle, particularly for long stretches, before making a purchase.

Leaper womens laptop backpackLeaper Causal Style Canvas Laptop Backpack

Comfort is one of the most desired features in laptop backpacks. The Leaper is one of the best in that regard with a one-of-a-kind strap that is designed to minimize pressure on the shoulder, which makes it ideal for those who may need to carry it on their back for long periods of time.

To make the bag more comfortable, it is also the lightest of all the bags on this list, coming in at just 1.3 pounds. Because of its lighter weight, it does not contain the space that most of the other bags do. Specifically speaking, it can only encase a computer up to 14 inches. Furthermore, it only has a couple small pouches on the outside to compliment the main compartment, making it necessary to minimize accessories and other items to be encased in the bag.

The look of the Leaper is what draws many to the bag. It features a solid color, stripes and a beautiful embroidery along the bottom third of the bag. There also are many options to choose from when purchasing this item. It comes in 23 different color designs. The only noticeable con from customers online is the durability. The front of the backpack has a thin fabric, which does support a laptop. However, it is suggested not to use the bag for many heavy books as it could reduce the lifespan of the bag.

The North Face Women’s ReconNorth Face Womens Backpack

North Face serves as one of the top names in not just backpacks but apparel in general. As such, quality is a given and their laptop backpack is no exception. The bag features plenty of compartment space including the large main pouch, a slightly smaller second pouch and a small pouch on the very front of the bag.

For those who need to keep their thirst in check, there are two side pockets to place water bottles. The bag itself also can accommodate a laptop up to 15 inches. Among users, many have said it’s the most comfortable bag they have used even when loaded with items inside.

This bag is quite sleek and features a primary color with a secondary color of a lighter tone to compliment it. As for options, the bag comes in 10 specific colors from white and pink, to black and navy. This bag serves as the top of the line and will be a target for serious business women and frequent travelers alike.

Ogio Soho Womens Laptop BagOgio Women’s Soho Laptop/Tablet Backpack

For those who crave a unique women’s laptop backpack, Ogio is a great choice. Many customers have claimed that it hits that sweet spot of being sturdy with plenty of room while being stylish at the same time. Of all the bags on the list, it is this bag that takes the crown for being the most spacious. It not only can carry a number of items, but it can fit the largest laptop at 17 inches. Its main bubble pouch is very large and its secondary pouch allows for plenty of space to pack in as well. It even has a buttoned-in pouch, which has impressed many who have used it.

In terms of the look of the bag, Ogio went simple by having five solid colors including black, red, terra, blue and green. The three buttons on the front also give it a traditional look and many find the bag in general to be stylish. While the bag as a whole has received praise from women everywhere. Some reviewers had a problem with the buttons breaking off after a while. However, if a large in-style bag is what you crave in a laptop backpack, the Ogio may be the best investment on this list.

Dakine Women’s Garden Laptop BackpackDakine Laptop Backpack for Women

Casual is the name of the game for this laptop backpack. Much like the Leaper, Dakine is a laptop backpack that is geared predominantly towards the casual user. In other words, the backpack is smaller, lighter and can only fit a laptop up to 14 inches. Besides being a smaller bag, the only complaint from users is how stiff the material is.

However, this can be an advantage as it can endure wear and tear for quite some time before having to be traded in. In terms of compartments, there is a large main pouch for the laptop, a much smaller pouch that could fit a small Kindle or book and an exterior pouch without a zipper for sunglasses and other such small items. Like most other bags, it also features two side pouches for water.

The Dakine comes in four distinct designs from the basic bright blue to three striped bags of different color combinations. To some, it’s a nice looking bag, but it lacks the choices that many of the other backpacks have online. For those who just wants a casual bag for the occasional trip, the Dakine is an excellent solution.

High Sierra Laptop BackpackHigh Sierra Swerve Backpack

If you are the kind of woman who desires a backpack with flexibility, the High Sierra might be the best of the lot. Compared to all the other laptop backpacks listed, this bag contains a plethora of pouches. Not only are there four pouches of increasing size in the front, but there are six interior pouches as well, which makes it a must-have for those with a number of accessories, toiletries, books and other devices.

To accompany its array of compartments, the bag is quite large, but on the laptop side can only fit a laptop up to 15 inches. While it is one of the heavier bags, users have stated how comfortable it is by stating that it never overwhelms the shoulders and back. It also is quite durable and also water resistant.

The bag itself has one of the most unique designs you will find. It comes in light and dark colors with designs ranging from gemstones and flowers, to the abstract and back to basic colors. If you want something unique that can pack your office with you on the go, you cannot go wrong with the High Sierra.

A Laptop Backpack for Every Woman

Fortunately, there are several laptop backpacks that cater towards women, in terms of not just comfort, but style as well. And like other laptop bags, these have a tendency to be more durable than the average backpack, with plenty of options to boot. Whether you’re someone who occasionally travels, or a business woman who needs to bring her office with her on a regular basis, there is something for everyone on this list.

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