Kenneth Cole Luggage Reviews: Sets and Carry-ons

Choosing the right luggage is no easy task. There are endless styles and brands on sale today and endless prices to match.

Some companies offer budget bags that will only set you back 30 or 40 bucks. On the other hand, you have “luxury” brands like Louis Vuitton and Gucci offering luggage sets that cost over $100,000. So how do you find a balance between affordability and quality?

Enter Kenneth Cole.

Kenneth Cole has a reputation for offering affordable luggage without compromising durability or style — not to mention that all Kenneth Cole luggage comes with a ten-year limited warranty.

This in-depth Kenneth Cole luggage review will compare some of the best selling luggage sets and carry-on bags that the company has to offer. Whether you like to keep it low profile or make a bold statement. You are sure to find luggage that fits your style.

We’re proud to say we’ve chosen Kenneth Cole as our #7 best luggage brand. Now let’s start with our top picks for luggage sets, then well move on to carry-on bags.

Best Kenneth Cole Luggage Set: Renegade 3-Piece

best kenneth cole luggage set


  1. Small: 22” High, 17” Wide, 10-12” Deep
  2. Medium: 26” High, 19” Wide, 12-14” Deep
  3. Large: 30” High, 22.5” Wide, 13-15” Deep


  1. Small: 7.65 lbs
  2. Medium: 8.9 lbs
  3. Large: 11 lbs

Material: ABS thermoplastic polymer

Colors: Black, Teal, Navy, Ocean Blue, Red, Rose Gold, Silver, Teal

The Renegade 3 piece luggage set offers incredible value for its price. It is uncommon to see features such as water resistance and such a large carrying capacity at this price point.

The durable ABS construction along with the reinforced corners ensure that these bags will stand up to just about anything you can throw at them.

Notable Features of the Reaction Renegade Luggage Set:

  • Effortless maneuverability with a 360 degree spinning 8 wheel system
  • Reinforced molded corner guards
  • Plenty of internal compartments for your clothes and shoes
  • Each bag expands two inches via a zipper system
  • Retractable telescoping handle with locking push-button
  • Self-repairing zippers

Kenneth Cole Renegade Luggage Set Review

Even the best products have unique pros and cons depending on the personal preferences of the customer. Below, we will lay out some of the possible benefits and drawbacks for the Renegade luggage set:


  • Water resistant construction will ensure that your belongings will stay dry in rainy or snowy conditions. There is no need to worry about strapping them to the roof of your car if there is precipitation in the forecast.
  • Wide variety of different color options to fit your style.
  • There is no shortage of storage compartments with this luggage set.  The Interior of each bag contains multiple pockets, organizers, and zipper compartments ensuring that all of your clothes, shoes, and toiletries all have a designated spot. If you find yourself in need of additional space, the external zippers allow for an additional two inches of expansion.


  • The Wheels are not recessed very far on this luggage set, so they stick out a little further than on other bags. This can make things a little tricky when storing in tight spaces.

Runner Up: Kenneth Cole Reaction Reverb 3-Piece Luggage Set

kenneth cole luggage set reviews


  1. Small: 22″ High, 15″ Wide, 8.5-10″ Deep
  2. Medium: 27.5” High, 19” Wide, 10-11.5” Deep
  3. Large: 31” High, 22” Wide, 13.5-15” Deep


  1. Small: 7.5 lbs
  2. Medium: 10.7 lbs
  3. Large: 12.35 lbs

Material: ABS  thermoplastic polymer

Colors: Black, Light Silver, Rose Gold, Ice Blue

While we have the Kenneth Cole Reaction Reverb luggage set ranked second on our list, it doesn’t fall behind the Renegade set by much. The similarities between the two lines far outweigh the differences. With the exception of about a pound of weight difference and a water-resistant exterior, these two luggage sets are more or less the same. If you don’t want flashy colors and are looking for easy-to-clean suitcases, The Reverb set is the one for you.

Notable Features of the Kenneth Cole Reaction Renegade Luggage Set:

  • Durable lightweight ABS construction.
  • Fully Lined interior.
  • Expandable for greater carrying capacity.
  • Multiple interior zipper storage pockets.
  • 4 protective feet allowing the bag to stand on its side.
  • Side handles for easy lifting.
  • Retractable locking handle.
  • Self-repairing zippers

Kenneth Cole Reaction Reverb 3-piece Review


  • Ultra smooth 360-degree spinning wheels
  • The Reverb luggage set has fewer grooves and crevices than the Renegade, making it easier to clean.
  • Self-repairing zippers. If the zipper teeth were to come apart, simply unzip, then rezip to fix the issue.


  • The Reverb line lacks a water-resistant exterior, so you run the risk of soggy clothes when traveling in rainy climates.
  • Some customers that reviewed this set say that the handles, although sturdy, are slimmer than handles you find on other suitcases. You may find this a bit uncomfortable if you have large hands.

Kenneth Cole Carry On Luggage Reviews

Now that we have covered our top picks for luggage sets, let’s take a look at some Kenneth Cole carry-on luggage reviews. Everyone needs a good carry on, and Kenneth Cole provides many great carry on choices that won’t get you in trouble with your airline.

Best Kenneth Cole Carry On: Reaction Scott’s Corner 20″

best kenneth cole carry on luggage

Dimensions: 22″ High, 14″ Wide, 9-11″ Deep

Weight: 7.76 lbs

Material: PET thermoplastic polymer

Colors: Charcol, Navy, Red, Rose Gold

If you are trying to avoid checked baggage fees by packing all your stuff into a carry-on, the Scott’s Corner bag is the perfect choice for you. With a spacious main compartment, you should be able to pack more than you would need for a short trip.

Notable Features of the Kenneth Cole Reaction Scott’s Corner Carry-On:

  • Built-in keyless TSA lock.
  • Reinforced molded corner guards
  • Side handles for easy lifting
  • Also available in 24” size
  • Stylish design
  • Durable PET Construction

Kenneth Cole Reaction Carry On Review


  • The build quality is unparalleled at this price point, ensuring that this suitcase will last for years to come.
  • The textured exterior is incredibly scratch resistant, allowing the Scott’s Corner suitcase to retain its “like-new” appearance for the life of the bag.
  • Built-in keyless locks allow TSA to search your bag, if necessary, without damaging your luggage.


  • While the 20” size comes with a quality padded interior, some users reported that this feature was not included in the larger sized version.
  • The rubber on the wheels is not as thick as what you might find on other carry-ons. This could cause the wheels to wear out prematurely if exposed to extended use on rough surfaces.

It can be tricky to pack everything you need into a 20″ carry on, so be sure to read our article on how to fold clothes to optimize luggage space.

Runner-Up: Kenneth Cole Reaction Going Places 20″ Carry-on

kenneth cole reaction reviews

Dimensions: 21.5″ High, 14″ Wide, 10-11.5″ Deep

Weight: 7.26 lbs

Material: Polyester

Colors: Black, Red, Navy

Though hardside suitcases offer more protection and durability than their canvas counterparts, they are also heavier and rarely ever have external storage compartments. If you need to get something from your bag mid-flight It can be rather inconvenient having to open up your whole suitcase in the aisle of a plane. This is where the Going Places series shines. Multiple zipper pockets on the front give immediate access to whatever you choose to put inside.

Notable Features of the Kenneth Cole Reaction Going Places Carry-On:

  • Durable tear-resistant lining.
  • Garment restraints to keep belongings secure.
  • Exterior I.D. holder
  • Dual front exterior zipper pockets.
  • Handle extends to 41” height, making it comfortable to maneuver.
  • Available in 16” and 24” sizes

Kenneth Cole Reaction Going Places Review


  • The Dual exterior pockets provide external storage you don’t get on hardside bags. They allow for easy access to your commonly needed items.
  • The lack of a hard plastic exterior makes this a very light bag.


  • While the Scott’s Corner bag expands by 2”. This one only expands by 1.5”.
  • Customer reviews state that cleaning is a bit more labor intensive for this model due to its polyester canvas exterior.

Choosing the Right Kenneth Cole Luggage

Whether you need a whole new luggage set for an extended vacation or a small carry-on for an upcoming weekend trip, Kenneth Cole has got you covered. We know that you will be able to find the perfect luggage to fit your individual needs.

Enjoy your new bags and be sure to care for and clean them as directed so you can travel with them for years to come.

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