Best Luggage under $100: Our Top 3 Picks

Looking for a new suitcase but don’t want to spend a lot of money? Well we’ve found the 3 best suitcases for under 100 dollars. Luggage can get very expensive, especially if you go with a luxury brand. For those of us who don’t want to spend a ton of money on our next suitcase, there are many cheaper alternatives that are still really great bags – below are our 3 favorites.

 American Tourister Splash1. American Tourister Splash Upright Carryon Suitcase

Dimensions: 21” x 14.5” x 8”

Weight: 8.2 lbs

For the money, American Tourister makes an excellent suitcase and our favorite is the Splash carryon. Don’t think that just because it’s not a Samsonite bag that it isn’t high-quality. The truth is that American Tourister is owned by Samsonite.

The Splash 21” carryon is a great choice because it is one of the most highly-rated suitcases on Amazon right now. Most bags have less than 300 reviews while this bag has over 775 reviews, averaging at about 4.4/5 – which is amazing for any suitcase, let alone one that’s under $100. The overall length is 21”, and a 21” suitcase will fit in virtually every overhead compartment of every major airline, domestic and international.

This really is one of the better bags out there by a very reputable brand. The only downside to this bag is that it only has 2 wheels. If you’re looking for a bag with 4 wheels, we like the Kenneth Cole Reaction or the iLight Supreme – both less than $100, and awesome.

2. Kenneth Cole Reaction Out of Bounds Hard Shell SuitcaseKC Reaction Carryon

Dimensions: 20” x 12.6” x 8.5”

Weight: 7.8 lbs

For those who prefer a hard-sided suitcase, the KC Reaction is going to be your best bet. The Kenneth Cole Reaction carryon is easily the best hard shell suitcase under $100. Hard sided luggage may tend to get scuffed up more than soft, but as far as durability goes – hard is the way to go.

At 20” tall, this is the shortest of the 3, by just a half inch. Although 21” and smaller will fit in most overhead compartments, getting a 20” will make it even more likely that you’ll never have to check this bag. Selecting certain colors somehow puts you over the $100 price point, but the majority of color options are still under $100.

It’s all about durability with the Reaction. Users have noted that this is the 2nd bag they bought, because the more expensive first bag did not hold up after a few trips. Unlike the Splash listed above, the Reaction, as well as the iLight Supreme below, has 4 independent spinner wheels at its base. “Spinner” suitcases allow for a smooth 360 degree turning radius, and aren’t as limited as 2 wheeled suitcases when it comes to mobility. If you’re looking for an inexpensive hard-sides suitcase, definitely go with the Kenneth Cole Reaction.

American Tourister iLite3. American Tourister iLite Supreme Carry on Suitcase

Dimensions: 20.5” x 14.5” x 8”

Weight: 7.3 lbs

Yes, 2 out of 3 of our top luggage under $100 are made by American Tourister – a good quality luggage line, and a Samsonite-owned company. Right off the bat we love the looks of the iLite better than the Splash. Looks-wise this one reminds us a lot of certain Samsonite designs, but the good news is it’s just as good and about half the cost.

This bag is soft-sided and 100% polyester providing a pretty durable finish according to owners. We really like the 4 independent spinner wheels allowing for an easier range of motion, which can be tight in an airport. The handle design is great and doesn’t really stick out, because it’s built into the side of the bag. Depending where you buy, this suitcase is available in some fun colors beyond the standard black, so check it out and pick a color that suits you the best.


It’s quite possible to spend over $1,000 on luggage, but we don’t think that’s very smart. Maybe you’re paying for actual high-quality, or maybe you’re just paying for a name brand. When it comes down to it, all you really need is a bag that will look nice and last you for years to come. Thanks to the Internet, it is totally possible to find really great luggage for a lot less than you’d pay at a department store. A lot of department store luggage is cheap and will fall apart on you after just one trip.

Because of a lower overhead cost, places like Amazon can afford to sell you luggage for much cheaper than big-box department stores. We’ve reviewed a variety of great luggage on this site – the truth is that it’s quite possible to get something very simple, yet effective for a great price. So for a more budget-friendly approach, we recommend the above carry on suitcases, each under $100.

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