What are the Best Luxury Luggage Sets?

While luxury luggage prices can range from barely affordable to ridiculously expensive, you can find relief in knowing that spending your hard-earned money on luxury luggage will be a life-long investment. After all, a few compelling reasons to buy luxury luggage could be quality, craftsmanship and reputation of the brand, which are characteristics of luggage that can withstand time and travel obstacles better than less expensive luggage.

Fortunately, you can maximize your dollar by finding luxury luggage brands that offer pieces that come in a set. Buying a set rather than individual pieces means that you can have multiple matching pieces that range in size and functionality to accommodate any of your traveling needs. Although you will have to spend a little more to get these additional pieces, you will have the benefit of having different pieces of matching luggage that are elegant and stylish. Below is our list of the best luxury luggage sets.

Best Luxury Sets by Brand

ImageBrandPriceWhere to Buy
briggs riley setsBriggs & Riley$$$$Amazon

Briggs & Riley
it luggage setsIT Luggage$$$$Amazon
pierre cardin setsPierre Cardin$$Amazon
anne klein setsAnne Klein$$$Amazon
diane von furstenberg setsDiane von Furstenberg$$$Amazon
bugatti luggage setsBugatti$$$Amazon


Briggs & Riley Featured Set: Baseline Global Getaways

baseline global getaways

  • Large Spinner (26″ x 20 x 10.7 at 10.9 lbs)
  • International Carry-On (19″ x 15.5 x 8 at 8.6 lbs)
  • Cabin Spinner (9.8″ x 15.5 x 15.5 at 7.5 lbs)

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The Global Getaways Luggage Set from Briggs & Riley includes three bags: a large spinner, a wide-body carry-on and a cabin spinner. The large spinner is a good check-in bag because of its size, and the expandable feature allows you to unzip around the bag to increase packing capacity by 11%, according to the manufacturer. The carry-on bag is medium-sized and is perfect for carrying on both domestic and international flights. Generally, international flights call for smaller carry-on bags than domestic flights. Keep in mind that the size restrictions also differ by airline, so be sure to check out this resource to help you find the right carry-on size for you. The cabin spinner is a smaller option for those who like a compact bag that you can stow away in the overhead bin or lay flat under the seat in front of you.

These Briggs & Riley bags are good looking, maneuverable and durable, which is all you can really ask for in a reliable luggage set. Made of highly durable nylon, these pieces are resistant to wear and tear, moisture and dirt, which will help keep its sophisticated business style looks intact. They are also lightweight, flexible and durable because of their fiberglass frames. In addition to durability, their four spinner wheels allow you to the convenience of 360 degrees of motion as you bring your bags around while you travel. The mesh interior lining is a great feature to help keep you organized and to minimize wrinkles, and the included TSA lock offers peace of mind and one less thing to think about while you’re away from home.

IT Luggage Featured Set: Andorra 3 Piece Set

Andorra 3 Piece luxury Set

  • Large Piece (28.5″ x 21.2 x 12.6 at 9.6 lbs)
  • Medium Piece (24.5″ x 18.9 x 11.4 at 7.6 lbs)
  • Carry-On (18.5″ x 14.2 x 8.7 at 5.5 lbs)

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The Andorra is the lightest hard shell set from IT Luggage. This luggage set comes with three pieces: one large piece, one medium piece and a carry-on. Compared to other luggage sets, the Andorra pieces can weigh one to two pounds lighter than luggage pieces of the same size. Those who travel often will say that the lighter bags can make a big difference. Not only will the weight difference make your travel experience a little easier, but it can also help you stay under weight restrictions for certain airlines, which can help you save on additional fees.

The Andorra set rates exceptionally well on value, durability, appearance, and organization. The pieces are beautifully molded, and the unique design on the case adds a stylish quality to the hard shell. Made from 100% single-layer polycarbonate, the bags are light and strong. The wide body increases packing capacity, the easy-glide wheels make for easy maneuverability, and the soft-touch handles on the top and sides of the bag add comfort while you bring your bags with you during travel.

Pierre Cardin Featured Set: Signature Spinner Four Piece Luggage Set

Pierre Cardin Signature Spinner Four Piece Luggage Set

  • Large Piece (29″ x 18 x 12 at 9.6 lbs)
  • Medium Piece (24.5″ x 18.9 x 11.4 at 7.6 lbs)
  • Carry-On (18.5″ x 14.2 x 8.7 at 5.5 lbs)
  • Tote (13″ x 15.5 x 6.5 at 1.5 lbs)

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This Signature Spinner Set from Pierre Cardin is one of the most popular and affordable luxury luggage set. Many owners have commented how impressed they are with the value of this luggage set, particularly because these bags offer a combination of expensive looks, functionality and reliability. This beautiful set comes in four stylish colors: the classic and versatile Brown, distinguished Burgundy, elegant Grey and refined White/Peacoat. Some owners advise to use Scotchgard for the lighter color bags. Any of these colors would be an excellent choice and would stand out among the standard black luggage pieces out there.

All luggage pieces have four-wheel spinners that allow you to conveniently roll your bags behind or beside you. The spinner luggage bags come with telescopic handles, and they also have top and side carry handles. The large and medium pieces are expandable by two inches while the carry-on is expandable by one inch for additional packing capacity. All bags are lined and have a zippered mesh pocket, and each piece also comes with a detachable toiletry bag as a nice bonus. The tote bag can serve as a multi-purpose bag that is perfect to take as your personal item on the plane or as an oversized purse that you can take around town. This tote is a good size for a standard laptop, plus other personal items that would be handy to have on you as you travel.

Anne Klein Featured Set: Going Places Four Piece Set

Anne Klein Going Places Four Piece Set

  • Large Piece (28″ x 18 x 9 at 11.5 lbs)
  • Medium Piece (24″ x 16 x 8 at 9.5 lbs)
  • Carry-On (20″ x 14 x 7 at 7.5 lbs)
  • Fold-Over Tote (20.5″ x 17 x 9 at 2 lbs)

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The Going Places Set is a luxury luggage set that exudes the confidence, sophistication and self-expression associated with the Anne Klein brand. The unique look of the geometric fabric pattern can be attributed to Jacquard weaving, which refers to the control mechanism that automates the patterning of these fashionable and classic-looking bags. The red interior of the luggage adds a surprising and refined pop of color, which is a nice contrast to the beautiful black and white patterned exterior. The fully-lined and spacious interior includes zippered mesh pockets and has adjustable straps to help keep your belongings in place.

Aside from the trendy looks, the Going Places Set also offers the type of functionality you’d look for in luggage pieces. The suitcases have spinner wheels that offer smooth and stable maneuverability. Each of the suitcases has an expandable zipper, which adds an extra two inches to the interior space for packing. An additional bonus is that the suitcases come with a removable toiletry pouch, which can be especially handy during any trip. The set also comes with a fold-over tote bag that is great for easy access to your travel essentials.

Diane von Furstenberg Featured Set: Viaggi Four Piece Luggage Set

Diane Von Furstenberg Viaggi Four Piece Luggage Set

  • Large Piece (28″ x 18 x 9.5 at 7.9 lbs)
  • Medium Piece (24″ x 16 x 8.5 at 6.5 lbs)
  • Carry-On (19.9″ x 14 x 7.5 at 5.6 lbs)
  • Tote (16.5″ x 9 x 8.5 at 3 lbs)

[button-blue url=”http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00PG6JOS2/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B00PG6JOS2&linkCode=as2&tag=theluglis-20&linkId=B3Y7S7RCTFAV6OD3″ target=”_blank” position=”left”]Check current price[/button-blue]



Whether you are going for a weekend getaway or an extended vacation, the Diane von Furstenberg Viaggi Four-Piece Spinner Luggage Set is ideally suited for any type of travel. This highly recommended set lives up to the reputation of the Diane von Furstenberg brand. Constructed of beautiful faux suede fabric that is abrasion-resistant, these luggage pieces are stylish and durable. This classic collection consists of a large piece, a medium piece, a carry-on piece and a tote bag, and the various sizes of the pieces offer an adequate selection for a travel set.

As for functionality, the fashion-forward looking suitcases have a lightweight aluminum telescoping handle and four spinner wheels easy rolling and added maneuverability. The suitcase pieces are expandable for added packing capacity, and they have two exterior zipper pockets that will allow you to keep your smaller personal items accessible during travel. With these lightweight designer pieces, you will have all the fashion and function you can expect in a luxury luggage set.

Bugatti Featured Set: Three-Piece Hard Case Luggage Set

Bugatti 3 Piece Hard Luggage Set

  • Large Piece (28″ x 20 x 12)
  • Medium Piece (24″ x 17 x 11)
  • Carry-On (20″ x 14 x 10)
  • Total Weight: 26 lbs

[button-blue url=”http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00LMNLH4C/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B00LMNLH4C&linkCode=as2&tag=theluglis-20&linkId=Z7ZVZO4UZSIT3KV2″ target=”_blank” position=”left”]Check current price[/button-blue]



This three-piece hard case luggage set from Bugatti reflects the brand’s pride in making “Affordable Luxury” available to everyone. Whether you are a student, executive or jetsetter on the go, you can have access to this luxury luggage set that can fulfill your everyday travel needs with its high quality aesthetics, roominess, protection and security. Crafted from polycarbonate ABS, these durable hard shell pieces are less likely to scratch or crack. In fact, the shell is able to flex, absorbing impacts and capable of regaining its original shape. The material is also lightweight, which is always a helpful feature while bringing bags during travel, as well as for packing to stay under airline weight restrictions.

The pieces in this luggage set have spinner wheels for effortless rolling, and they also have multi-stage telescopic handle system that allows you to lock the handles at different heights. The top and side carry handles are also reinforced, which adds to the sturdiness of the bags. The interiors of each bag are fully-lined and have multi-use pockets to help you organize while you pack. Another great feature of these pieces are the built-in three-digit combination TSA locks that can help keep your luggage safe and secure without having to purchase and keep track of external locking mechanisms.

Build Your Own Luxury Luggage Set

We’ve previously written about luxury luggage brands and included most of the luxury brands that we like and that you may be familiar with. These brands, however, sell their luggage as individual items and not as sets. Don’t let that stop you from taking a look at these brands. In fact, this means that you have the option to build your own customized luggage set of your favorite brand. Take a look at our favorite luxury brands and assemble a set of your own.


You don’t need to spend an unreasonable amount of money to travel with style and sophistication. Whether you are looking for a complete luggage set or open to building a set of your own, you have plenty of options to find the elegant design, high quality material and exceptional craftsmanship of luxury luggage at an affordable price. Happy traveling!

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