Best Garment Bag for Everyone’s Budget

Whether you are a man or woman who frequently travels for business, most likely there will be a need for a garment bag. Most garment bags typically are made of flimsy, thin material that typically will find itself containing rips and holes after a use or two. What many do not realize though is that there are quality luggage-style, rolling garment bags out there, which are more efficient with a better lifespan.

Picking the right garment bag is not easy though. Even after knowing what level bag you want, determining the strength, size and flexibility are mandatory when determining the right purchase, not to mention price differential. Our list of the best carry on garment bags is broken up by 3 different price ranges: Under $100, $100-$400, and $400+.

Best Cheap Garment Bag (Under $100)

cheap garment bagTravel Select Luggage Amsterdam Business Rolling Garment Bag

If a great bang for your buck is what you seek, Travel Select’s Rolling Garment Bag may be the best choice of the lot – we’ll call it the best cheap garment bag. This bag is only 22″ high and 24″ wide. In addition to rolling the bag, customers also have the option for using the detachable shoulder strap. In terms of compartments, the main pouch has been stated to fit up to five outfits. Elsewhere in the bag, there are several smaller compartments for accessories and even toiletries if you choose that method. As an added bonus, some may flock to this bag due to its overall attractive appearance.

If there is a problem with this bag, it is that depending on the airline you fly, it could be difficult to be considered a legal carry-on. Height-wise it works, but according to many users, the width of the bag is too much for many planes. It also could be considered quite hefty at almost 10 lbs (empty) due to its polyester material. Beyond it being questionable in terms of being carry-on accessible, the bag also has been noted to have failing wheels after a few to many uses. The same thing goes for zippers, which can get caught in the fabric as well. However, this is definitely in the minority. Most customers have found this to be a successful garment bag, particularly at the price.

Best Garment Bag for a Moderate Budget ($100-$400)

Travelpro Crew 10 50 Inch Rolling Garment Bagtravel pro rolling garment bag

Thin, spacious and durable are three things you will notice with Travelpro’s Crew 10 Garment Bag. Unlike most other quality garment bags, this one does not cram all of its components into a fatter appearance. Instead, this bag is the tallest at 23″ high, allowing its clothes within to stretch out a bit more.

Better news for some is that this bag, with its nylon fabric, makes its contents heavily protected. Furthermore, many found this bag to have a sturdier zipper, making it more resistant to breaks and being stuck. With its thin design, despite its lengthier size can fit quite well in many carry-on compartments.

The common complaint when it comes to this bag has to do with the pockets inside of the bag. If you are seeking a bag with plenty of inside pockets for various accessories, just keep in mind there is not much room in the main compartment zippers. However, this can be alleviated by utilizing outer zippers, which have plenty of space. If a powerful, yet thin designed bag is what you crave in carrying your garments, Travelpro may be your best bet for a mid-tier bag.


samsonite garment bagSamsonite Luggage Lift Carry On Wheeled Garment Bag

One of the most difficult features for any rolling garment bag to do successfully is to competently utilize working parts, i.e. zippers, handles, etc. This is where Samsonite’s Lift Garment Bag shines. With an unbreakable zipper that happens to feature two on the main compartment, to make your packing more efficient, one never has to worry about spending money on a broken bag.

This rolling garment bag is lightweight and easy to use when traveling around the airport. With the sturdiness of the parts, comes the nylon covering that ensures a lack of rips on your bag. We love the Samsonite brand and have selected it as one of the best luggage brands for travelers with a moderate budget.

While this bag can fit many suits, shirts, dresses, etc., one common complaint is the size limitation for each. Several men have stated that a suit sized 46 or larger will not fit cleanly in this bag. For those packing for an entire week, it also can be a tight fit, not to mention the weight may be too much for some travelers. That said, this is one bag that truly is indestructible. Just be aware of the size limitations.

Best High-End Garment Bag ($400+)

Briggs & Riley Luggage Carry-On Wheeled Garment Bagluxury garment bag

Briggs & Riley have a history of being at the front of the line in terms of quality luggage. Their luggage garment bag are no different. With an elegant, classic design that comes with four color choices, many will be attracted to this one. Beyond its looks, this bag opens up wide, allowing travelers to pack a week’s worth of clothes with ease.

What makes this more efficient for the traveler is that it is short and doesn’t take up much space with its width, allowing it to be carried aboard all planes for domestic and international travel.

To keep clothes in place, there is a main zipper underneath the main compartment of the bag, allowing clothes to stay put during travel, along with moderately sized accessory pouches nearby. Briggs & Riley also utilized their SmartLink system, allowing each piece of luggage to attach to another piece easily and securely.

The only issue with this bag comes from the maneuverability. While most users have had no issues, some have found the wheels have a tendency to be rugged and not easily maneuvered in certain situations. Regardless though, this is a great bag that will fit everything you need while being attractive at the same time.

tumi garment bagTumi Alpha Classic Garment Bag 22134

Ease of use probably is the biggest strength of Tumi Alpha’s Classic Garment Bag. Unlike the typical rolling garment bags that have the appearance of a typical small suitcase, this truly is a bag. With a quick couple of snaps and unzipping, you can open up this garment bag and place your attire on top of each other with ease.

Another successful feature is being able to place a few accessories in sizeable mini bags inside. Once finished, the attire slides up and snaps in place turning itself into the appearance of a travel or business bag with a strap. Furthermore with its textile lining, there is no potential problems of rips, broken zippers, etc. happening. Instead this is a bag with the best mobility of these five bags and certainly can fit in any compartment.

Whether you need a garment bag for a short trip or assignment, a moderate business trip or a few weeks, there is a bag on this list for you. Some will give you the best in durability, other bags will allow you to carry several pieces of apparel in a confined space. We hope that our list, broken out by budgets, will aid you in finding the perfect garment bag for you.

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