Best Rolling Duffle Bag: ecbc Falcon Review

Carryon luggage hasn’t really ever evolved that drastically – at least until now. Luggage can get pretty tedious as companies are constantly pumping out the same products while not really reinventing anything. Modern travelers have different needs when it comes to luggage, and we found a company who seized this opportunity. The ecbc Falcon combines a high-quality carryon wheeled duffel with a great solution for transporting your electronics safely.

Colors: Black or Gray

Size: 22” x 14” x 10”

Weight: 9 lbs.

Available in: 22”, 26” and 30”

ecbc falcon wheeled duffle

An All-In-One Technology Solution

Our absolute favorite part of this suitcase is how it makes transporting your electronics a breeze. The main compartment is great for the clothes and toiletries you’d typically pack, however the Falcon allows you to safely transport your laptop, tablet and phone. We tested it, and laptops up to 15” will fit very easily. For smaller laptops or tablets, there are special removable fabric sections which make sure your devices are secure.

If you’ve ever tried to travel with your laptop, phone and tablet inside a suitcase or backpack that isn’t very accommodating, you know how important it is to have your devices secure and protected. The tagline that ecbc uses with their branding is “modern travelers defined” and this is pretty accurate when looking at all of their products – especially the Falcon wheeled.

Durability and Appearance

We haven’t exactly put this bag through a rigorous test, but you can sure tell that this is made with very high quality materials. A lot of suitcase reviews we’ve seen tend to focus on lackluster zippers. We can tell pretty quickly when zippers are poorly made, with this Falcon Duffle, the zippers are very sturdy and well-constructed. The material that the bag is made of seems to be heavily reinforced, which is nice because that’s exactly what you’d want when transporting items as important as a laptop, phone, and if applicable, a tablet.

When we first saw the rolling duffel in person, we were pretty happy with the appearance. There was nothing in the bag of course, and like a true duffle bag, sort of collapsed into itself making it easy to store. When we packed it up with items, it really takes shape and reveals the sturdy frame. Hard-sided bags are not this forgiving, and can be difficult to store or put in tight spots.

The two colors that the bag comes in (black or gray) are a great fit for the business traveler. We’ve seen many unique suitcases with crazy colors and patterns, but if this is going to be your all-in-one business suitcase, traditional colors are the way to go.

ecbc FastPass® Systembest wheeled duffle for technology

Normally, when traveling with a laptop, you are required to remove your computer and place it inside a separate bin while going through the TSA checkpoint scanner. The ecbc FastPass® System allows you to avoid all of that by simply unzipping the top portion of the bag, where your laptop is, fold it over, and send it right on through the TSA scanner without removing it.

ecbc Portable Power Pack

Every Falcon rolling duffel bag comes with a Portable Power Pack. We are HUGE fans of this feature because we know how annoying it is to be stuck somewhere with a dead phone and no outlets. The power pack is like having a 2nd phone battery which you can siphon power from whenever you need it. Just plug your phone into the USB cord it came with, then plug that into the power pack. You may never need it, but it’s awesome that it comes free with this bag. Not many suitcases can say that. The portable power pack is what makes this ECBC one of the best smart luggage pieces that we’ve seen.


It was tough to find negatives to report on as we reviewed this bag. The only thing that we wished the bag offered was a four-wheel spinner setup, as opposed to the two inline wheels. We’re not really sure if this is even that big of a negative because by having just two inline wheels, this bag can act like more of a true duffel bag. That means if the bag isn’t very full, you can smush the top down a little bit to save space when fitting it into a small area like an airplane overhead or trunk.


We love this rolling duffel, and odds are, if you travel with technology you will too. Ecbc is a good brand, we’re not sure we’re ready to add it to our best luggage brands list, though until we can see more pieces. Having to lug around a laptop bag and a suitcase is a big pain, and that’s just how we’ve always done things. By combining a laptop bag with a high-quality rolling duffle suitcase, ecbc has really made something special. If you are a frequent traveler who likes to bring all their technology with them, we can’t say enough good things about the ecbc Falcon rolling duffel bag and had a blast reviewing it.

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