P.MAI Valletta Women’s Luxury Backpack Review

Backpack Backstory

For my first consulting project, I took the train downtown and walked about a mile to the office headquarters. After using a shoulder laptop bag for the first few trips, my shoulder and back started aching after the long walk. I went to a few stores to look for a backpack, but found that the selection was limited to bags that looked more suitable for students than professionals.

I landed on a backpack that was a neutral gray color, but it had a large logo patch on the front that I did not like at all. With a steady hand, I used a pair of scissors to carefully snip to stitching when I got home. I thought that the lack of options for a sophisticated backpack was to be expected, but removing a patch to “elevate” the look of a gray backpack is just silly.

I put thought into what I wear and how I present myself, so why shouldn’t I want a bag for my laptop that matched the rest of my look? Just because I want the functionality and comfort of a backpack doesn’t mean I should settle for a typical bag. Professional women deserve more, and they now have access to a brand of luxury laptop bags that will redefine what they expect of a backpack.

First Impressions of P.MAIpmai review

When I first opened the box, I was pleased to find a large branded drawstring bag that enclosed the backpack. Once I removed the backpack, I understood why P.MAI paid that kind of care and attention to the packaging. My first impression of the P.MAI Valletta backpack and matching wristlet was that these bags looked high-end and sophisticated and the pictures I saw did not compare to what they looked like in person.

I could tell how much pride P.MAI takes in its product. Each buckle and zipper handle had a plastic covering to protect the finishes. While unpacking the bag, the first thing I saw was a thank you card for supporting the collection and the brand’s journey. Inside the backpack was another card with instructions for how to care for the product. I thought these personal touches were unique and thoughtful.

pmai backpackValletta Features and Details

The soft yet sturdy leather is a rich cognac color that looks beautiful against the black and white textured print, gold buckles and heavy-duty gold zippers. The leather shoulder straps are adjustable like a belt buckle, and the inside of the shoulder straps are cushioned for extra support. The stitching on the leather and the chevron-looking stitches on the back of the bag add a handcrafted detail, and the plush pocket linings have a premium quality to it as well.

Once I looked inside the backpack, I was equally as impressed. The enclosure for the pouch that holds the laptop has a strap with the same cognac leather to secure the laptop rather than a Velcro strap that I usually see. The material on the inside of the bag felt sturdy, and there are plenty of storage pockets inside the bag as well including a cinched circular pocket that doesn’t close, but looks to be able to hold a water bottle. Another detail of the interior is the latch for the wristlet, which I think is a great addition. I usually put items like my keys, phone and lip gloss in a small cross-body bag that I would then put in my backpack. This wristlet served that purpose in a more cohesive and stylish way, and it is a nice size to use on its own as well.

The Luxury Laptop Backpack for the Professional Woman

The timing couldn’t have been better for when I first got my Valletta backpack and clutch combo. I had two client meetings the next day, and I couldn’t wait to bring these gorgeous bags with me as I made my way around town. That day, one of my colleagues complimented me on the bag as soon as she saw it, and liked the bag so much that she decided to ask her husband to get her the combo as a holiday gift.

I never thought I’d feel this way about a backpack, but I almost expect compliments when I go out with my Valletta bags as stylish accessories. Professional women looking for a premium bag made with quality construction and materials should look no further. P.MAI has reinvented the backpack by combining functionality with thoughtful and beautiful design.

By Rachelle S.

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