5 Best Leather Duffle Bags [2022 Reviews]

Duffle bags are a common item for travelers when going out of town on vacation. For the traveling business person, leather duffel bags are the item of choice, as it is a convenient carry-on that doubles as an attractive item. However, with the plethora of bags to choose from, it can be difficult to come up with a decision. This is why we have come up with a list of the top five bags to choose from.

In order to narrow down the best leather duffle bags that are must buys, we have researched and analyzed what users find to be the most important features. Moreover, we have found what bags are the top of the line when it comes to durability, packing space, weight and ease of use, while also figuring out what bags gives a business traveler the best bang for their buck.

The 5 Best Leather Duffle Bags

[1] Cenzo Vecchio Italian Leather Weekender Travel Bag

Cenzo is the big winner- they’ve been dominating the luxury leather duffle space for quite some time. As such, it is made up entirely of high quality Vecchio brown Italian leather, which makes it one of the tougher and most durable bags on the market. What makes this bag even more durable is the brass frame that supports the outer layer. Between its elegance and staying power, it is also one of the most expensive at $199 on Amazon, while reaching $300 at other online retailers.

The bag also is larger than it appears in photos, as its dimensions are 21 x 10 x 11 inches, while weighing in at a modest 3.8 pounds, which makes it more than manageable. It has a main pouch with Floto ticker tape canvas lining to give it a nice interior look as well, along with an interior pouch to put small items such as phones and toiletries.

Its versatility comes through with an option to carry it by handle or to attach the shoulder strap. As many have said, this bag is high in quality without any cheap material to be found, making it a bag that will last you many years down the road.

[2] Floto Luggage Venezia Duffle, Vecchio Brown

If adjustability is what you crave, you are unlikely to get a better leather duffel than this. This bag has a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap, along with reinforced handles. While it does have fine Italian leather with khaki stitching, some customers have witnessed a lack of durability down the road. In particular, the leather loops have proven to be problematic to some users by snapping.

Additionally, the metal bottoms have been mentioned as not being entirely secured. This bag also is the priciest of the lot in this list at over $200. Unlike some of the bags on this list though, the Floto comes in five different colors of Vecchio brown, honey brown, red and black.

That said, it does have a deep pouch that allows plenty of clothes to fit inside. Its zipper covers the entire bag from the bottom to the top and middle of the bag. If space and adjustments are what you need in a bag, this will do you quite well. You just have to be aware of the limited shelf life and expensive price.

[3] Polare Retro Leather Duffel

A new addition to our updated list is this retro Polare leather duffel bag. The reviews are in and this new bag is beloved by almost everybody. This bag is very attractive upon first glance with it’s full luxury grain leather, but is also quite functional.

All the materials are very high quality and include YKK zippers which means a more durable zipper than the cheap ones found on some other bags. Something we loved was the amount of pockets compared to the other bags on our list.

This bag, and all Polare bags are backed by a 1-year reliable warranty and lifetime customer service. The leather is strong and the hardware is especially durable making this an excellent choice if you’re looking for a great leather duffle bag.

[4] Komal’s Passion Leather 24 Inch Duffel Leather Bag

For those going on extended business trips, Komal’s Passion duffel may be the right choice for your needs. Of the five choices on this list, this bag is by far the largest with dimensions of 24 x 11 x 11 inches, while only weighing four pounds. Additionally, this bag suits those needing multiple compartments with four pouches on the exterior on the bag. Another plus for this bag is that unlike many leather bags, this has a more masculine and rugged look to it, which makes it perfect for the male traveler.

The downsides of the bag according to some users is the durability. While imported, this leather is thinner than the Italian-grade bags with less support on the inside. Another complaint many have is that the leather has a heavy scent to it that may turn some users off. Regardless, if a large bag with several compartments is what you want, it is a bargain and typically sold for under $150.

[5] Aaron Leather Travel Duffel Bag

Last on our list is another new entrant this time around from Aaron Leather. Right off the bat you’ll notice the huge array of color/style options and the incredible reviews.

The duffel is a good size, coming in at 20″ x 11″ x 9″. The leather is sturdy and holds its shape when the main compartment is open.

One downside with this one is that the leather tends to show nicks and scratches more than some others. If you plan on getting a lot of use out of the bag all the little marks on the outside can add character over time and not really be that big of a deal.

Definitely check out the Aaron Leather option if you’re looking for a specific color or shade of leather- and just want a great duffel overall.

What to Look for in a Leather Duffle Bag


Leather duffle bags can be quite a luxury item. Most of them are over $100, with some even exceeding the $200 mark. Considering the pricey nature of these items, business travelers want something that is going to last. This is why the durability of a bag is widely regarded as one of the most important aspects when considering a purchase.

How can one tell what is and is not sturdy? The rule of thumb is that the higher quality the leather, the longer it takes for the item to suffer from wear and tear, whether it is on the body, the straps or zipper.

If you plan on using your duffle as a gym bag, we’d suggest getting something a little less fancy since the bag will get pretty gross pretty quickly. Definitely check out our best gym bags for men post for more durable gym bags you won’t have to worry about scratching or stinking up.

Packing Space

When going on a trip, the more a leather duffel bag can fit, the better. One of the more common necessities customers are searching for in an ideal bag is the ability to fit an extra pair of shoes in the bottom. Another desired feature is multiple pockets to fit technological devices, books, gum, wallets, etc.

If you plan on using your bag for work related items, we suggest going with one of the best leather messenger bags for men. We’ve written a helpful guide showcasing our top picks, just like we did for this article.

At the same time though, potential customers must be weary of a bag being too large. For instance, there are limits in terms of the size a bag can be for a carry on. To ensure that your bag can be used as a carry on, check your airline’s carry on size limits before purchasing.


Basic weight of a leather duffle is integral in what bag to purchase. Whether a traveler wants a bag to hold by the handle or strap to their shoulder, there comes a time when weight can be a detriment to a bag. This is why as a customer, one needs to read carefully on the weight specs.

Keep in mind also that this weight is before placing items in, which will make it even heftier. A good rule of thumb, then, is to get an idea of the max weight you want, not to mention the way in which you are wanting to carry it, before purchasing.

Ease of Use

To go along with weight, it is important in having a bag that is easy to use. In other words, a bag that is easily adjustable whether it is through multiple compartments or flexible in terms of straps. One of the most common ways people use bags is through shoulder straps. As such, many reviews mention the flexibility in adjusting straps and those the comfort level they provide.

If you’re looking for something with more ease of use, definitely take a peek at our best rolling duffle bag write up where we highlight one of our favorites.

A Duffle for everyone

As outlined from this list of five bags, there are plenty of options for customers. Whether you are looking for a large bag that can fit a lot of items, whether you want durability that will last you a while or whether you want something a bit smaller if you are a more limited traveler, there is something for you. Be careful in making a decision as we have outlined the pros and cons to each bag, along with the price.

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