Best Luggage for Teens (2023 Review)

We think teenagers can use their own luggage. Some may have hand-me-downs or the suitcase they used as a kid, but maybe it’s time to upgrade! Whether you’re a teen looking for a new suitcase, or someone shopping for the teenager in you’re life – we’re here to help you find the perfect luggage for teens.

We think the key to a good teen suitcase is something that’s clearly for kids, but also something that’s more fun than boring ‘standard black’ luggage.

Another disclaimer is that we are not including backpacks. This guide is strictly for suitcase luggage. Also – we know that luggage doesn’t have to be for a specific gender, we are just highlighting top picks chosen mainly by those genders.

Any gender can enjoy any style of suitcase. We saw an influx in shoppers searching for teen girl/teen boy luggage and wanted to help.

The Luggage List

Best Luggage for Teenagers

SuitcaseBest for
Lily BloomTeenage girls
Steve MaddenTeenage girls
Villagio Smart SuitcaseTeenage girls
Samsonite OmniTeenage boys
Travelpro MaxliteTeenage boys

Best Suitcase for a Teenage Girl

Lily Bloom Expandable Pattern Suitcase Set

  • Near perfect reviews
  • 9 pattern choices
  • 360 degree spinner wheels

In our minds, Lily Bloom makes the best luggage for teenage girls! They have so many different patterns available – each of them perfect for teen girls. The patterns are unique, not childish, and really work well on the luggage.

Lily Bloom provides about 9 different pattern options to choose from. They likely have something in their lineup that will interest your teenage girl.

Not only does this suitcase look good but the reviews are off the chart! Over 350 people have reviewed the carry on suitcase averaging 4.8! This is a very difficult average to achieve with so many reviews.

Our pick is the Lily Bloom carry-on suitcase, however you can find the same exact style for 2 larger suitcases and even a matching tote.

Check out the whole set here.

Runner up: Steve Madden 24″ Hard-sided

  • Super cool design
  • Durable ABS hard shell
  • 360 degree spinner wheels

This may be the runner up, but it is the best hard-shell suitcase for teen girls in our opinion. The Lily Bloom we like above is a soft-shell, but if you prefer hard-shell luggage this is our pick. Hard vs Soft shell luggage comes down to personal preference. This is why we wanted to add this awesome Steve Madden suitcase as a great pick.

Steve Madden is a well-known fashion brand, however they should also be known for their luggage. The design on this suitcase is exceptional and is something teen girls are sure to prefer over a boring black. It’s also unique enough that you will easily identify this suitcase as it comes off the baggage claim.

This 24″ suitcase would likely not qualify as a carry-on, however they also sell a matching carry-on and large 28″ option. Each of them feature 4 spinner wheels making maneuvering a breeze.

Whether you’re looking for a suitcase with fabric or one with hard plastic for your teenage girl- you can’t go wrong with either of our picks.

Runner up: Villagio Hard Shell Smart Suitcase

  • USB port for device charging
  • Reinforced corner bumpers for protection
  • Built-in TSA luggage lock

Teenage girls can be a tad dependent on their technology, and Villagio wanted to help. There’s nothing worse than traveling and having a low or dead phone battery- now those days are over. The Villagio suitcase comes equipped

The best feature offered is the built-in USB port. It should be noted you need to have or buy your own power pack. A power pack is like having a 2nd battery to charge from nonmatter where you are. This can be a huge life saver for teen girls while traveling.

Like a few others on our list, built-in TSA approved luggage locks are always a huge plus. This saves you from having to buy a separate luggage lock for peace of mind while traveling. You set your own combination, but the TSA has a special key that would allow them to open it if they need to for security.

You have just a few colors to choose from but teen girls seem to really like the pink color that almost looks like rose gold. There’s no patterns but it is a very elegant yet durable carry-on.

Best Suitcase for a Teenage Boy

Samsonite Omni PC Hard-side

  • Very durable
  • Great solid color options
  • Built-in TSA lock

Teen boys on the other hand are a different story. The suitcase patterns above may not appeal so much to them. This Samsonite Omni hardcase is an excellent choice which we’ve written about before.

There aren’t patterns or designs to choose from, but there is a nice array of solid color choices other than “standard black”

A nice addition that Samsonite has made to the Omni line is the addition of the TSA approved luggage lock. This let’s you set your own combination and the lock holds the two zippers together so the suitcase can only be opened by you and the TSA.

Teen boys can appreciate the heavy durability of the Omni line. The diamond texture creates a scratch-resistant surface that’s much more durable than other hard-shell suitcases. Not only is it incredibly durable, but it’s also very lightweight.

The Omni is a solid choice for any teen boy.

Runner up: Travelpro Maxlite Soft-sided

  • Over 1,800 5-star reviews
  • Lifetime warranty
  • High-quality materials

To balance out the hard-sided luggage we wanted to add a soft-sided option for teenage boys. One of the best soft-sided suitcase available is the Maxlite by Travelpro. We’ve included Travelpro in our top 11 luggage brands because they always use high-quality materials to construct their luggage.

The Maxlite line has been around for a while and they keep making awesome improvements with each new iteration.

The telescoping handle on the Maxlite is very durable and just feels strong and not cheap or flimsy like some cheaper suitcases.

There’s a number of ways to purchase a Maxlite suitcase. They are offered separately as a carryon, mid-size, and large suitcase. You can also purchase them in various 2 or 3 set options depending on their inventory.

The lifetime warranty is the cherry on top for Travelpro. Although it’s one of the most durable soft-sided suitcases, you can rest-assured Travelpro will take care of you if something does break.

Like we mentioned, hard-sided or soft-sided just comes down to personal preference. We’ve selected a great suitcase in both camps for you to choose from – both of which come with nice color choices.

It’s an exciting time being a teenager. There’s more opportunities for travel and it’s a great time to get a nice new suitcase. We hope our list has helped you in your quest for a great suitcase for your teenager!

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