Vessel Skyline Lux Backpack Review

We were able to get our hands on the new Vessel Skyline Lux women’s backpack and are super excited to share our thoughts. We have always been big fans of the Vessel brand. They’ve done a great job with totes in the past that we really liked. Now that they’re adding more products to their line we had to check it out. Below you’ll see our honest thoughts on the Vessel Skyline Lux Backpack.

vessel backpack

First Impressions

When we first opened the box and got our hands on the backpack we noticed the quality of materials. Every part of the backpack, all the way down to the smaller details, looked to be high quality. 

We were glad we went with the black (synthetic) leather because it really pops, and if you look close enough there’s a very detailed cross-hatch pattern all over.

Outside the Bag

The outside of the Skyline Lux backpack looks great! It’s very stylish, yet minimalist. The shoulder straps of the backpack are very dense and durable. The outer side of the straps is the same synthetic leather material as the main part of the bag, while the inside part of the straps features an extremely soft and comfortable fabric.

Most backpacks use plastic materials to make the strap adjusters on the bottom, but we were pleased to see Vessel using a thicker, shiny metal material with the Vessel name pressed onto them. 

The zippers are also well-made and durable with the same metal as the strap adjusters. The zippers have nice leather straps that make zipping and unzipping much easier than with cheaper zippers.

We absolutely love the sleeve on the back of the bag that allows us to easily slide the backpack down onto our luggage handle which we did with our Signature 2.0 suitcase from Vessel. If we don’t want to wear the backpack we can slide it onto our luggage handle and easily pull 2 bags at once. 

Vessel is definitely one of the best luggage brands and is worth checking out.

Thoughtful Compartments

A lot of backpack manufacturers can get carried away with the amount of storage compartments they can fit onto a single backpack. If you want to go camping and need tons of compartments, there are backpacks for that. When we travel we don’t need a ton of little storage compartments in a backpack – so the Skyline Lux fit our needs perfectly. The front of the backpack features 2 lower storage zipper compartments. One of them features a Vessel standard fabric liner, while the other compartment is lined with a microfiber type fleece for items you don’t want to get scuffed or scratched. The very top of the bag has a great compartment we used for our cell phone. The front of that top compartment is lined with the soft microfiber and the back is a breathable mesh. Make sure to place your phone in with the screen-side facing the microfiber fabric.

Handy Laptop Storage

The backpack isn’t super large, so we were sceptical that it could fit a standard laptop in the designated sleeve. We were pleasantly surprised when our 15.6” laptop fit perfectly. The entire laptop sleeve pocket is lined with the soft microfiber that protects all parts of your laptop really well.

inside of vessel backpack

Inside the Bag

When we opened the backpack we saw the standard Vessel branded liner and the brand message sewn into it. Inside you’ll find 5 more compartments of varying sizes.

vessel lining


Overall we love the Vessel Skyline Lux backpack and can’t wait to do more traveling with it.

Check it out on their site!

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