Best Travel Bags for Women

The world of luggage offers so many pieces that are appropriate for all types of people, places and things. With many airlines, you can take a personal item with you on the plane that you can keep with you in your seat or stow under the seat in front of you. When at your destination, it’s nice to be able to get around with a bag that you don’t have to roll. That’s where this list of the best travel bags for women comes in handy. Sometimes it’s best to have a bag you can throw over your shoulder or across your body during transit while looking great in the meantime.

Michael Kors Womens Travel BagBest Luxury Tote: Michael Kors Women’s East West Zip-Top Tote Shoulder

This beautiful Michael Kors tote has received plenty of great reviews, particularly for its great looks and functionality. Made of lightweight vinyl, it is a sharp and expensive-looking tote that comes in neutral colors that go with everything. This tote is accented with leather trim and gold-tone hardware, and it also has a removable leather and metal MK charm.

As for the interior of the bag, it has a large storage area, plenty of pockets and a convenient key ring holder. An owner reported it is the perfect size with plenty of room, and its inside and outside pockets provide ample storage for essentials. Since the bottom of the bag is flat, the bag is sturdy and does not fall over when set down. Another great feature of this bag is one that is not always a standard for tote bags, and this is the zip-top closure which helps to prevent items from spilling out of the bag.

Customers have reported that the zipper itself is high quality and does not get stuck. The handles have a 9-1/2 inch drop, and the straps are comfortable on the shoulder. This bag comes highly recommended by customers, including a few husbands who had gotten this bag for their very pleased and very happy wives.

Womens Best Beach Travel BagBest Oversized Tote: Ever Moda Tote

If you are looking for a multipurpose tote bag, the Ever Moda Tote has the looks, sturdiness and versatility you could ever need in one bag. This canvas bag comes in so many different styles, and you can choose from all sorts of trendy patterns and fun designer prints in bright colors.

The handles are also made of canvas, and they are as cute as they are strong, holding up to the rest of the bag’s sturdiness. The bag is made of a durable microfiber that is rainproof and easy to clean. Another great feature that helps keep the bag clean are the metal feet that keep the bag off the floor. A few owners reported that their totes have held together well and are in good condition, showing now scuff marks or dirt, after lots of everyday use.

Aside from its stylish looks and durability, this oversized tote can hold a lot of items for all types of owners. One owner used this bag as her “purse” on her flight to carry a lot of her travel items, and it fit nicely under the seat in front of her on the plane. Another reviewer used it as a diaper bag for her one and a half year old and newborn, and was still able to fit a small purse inside. 

Someone else reported using it as an everyday work bag in which she was able to fit her laptop, lunch bag and purse. As for a customer who used it as a gym bag, she was able to fit tennis shoes, a t-shirt and a pair of sweat pants. The versatility of this bag also included a mom who bought this as a school bag for her daughter because her heavy books would cause her backpack to rip and tear.

The Ever Moda tote also has a handy top-zipper closure, interior and exterior zipper pockets and an attached matching coin pouch. If you’re using this tote as an overnight or weekender bag, as a carry-on or diaper bag, for shopping or for the gym, you wouldn’t be alone. This bag is definitely recommended by many owners for its value and versatility. With the different looks and great price, a few reviewers have mentioned they are on track to add to add more Ever Moda Tote bags to their collections.

Travel Bag for WomenBest Cross-body Travel Bag: Baggallini Luggage Everywhere Bag

The Baggallini Everywhere travel bag is good-looking and functional, and has received great reviews from a large number of customers. This lightweight cross-body bag is about 10 inches high and 12 inches wide, and its shoulder strap length of 56 inches offers a 30” shoulder drop. It is made of 100% nylon and is a great option if you are looking for a bag that is roomy but is smaller than a messenger bag.

The Everywhere bag is made of 100% nylon and is available in many colors that range from neutral tones to bold hues. A number of owners are delighted with their choice of the charcoal exterior that has a surprise pop of fuchsia lining inside the bag. The interior also includes a back wall zipper pocket and four small exterior pockets, allowing you to organize your contents according to your preferences. Other bonus features include a helpful key ring and ten card slots.

The Baggallini Everywhere bag is a perfect companion for travel and for everyday use. One owner used her cross-body for a trip to Europe over the summer. With convenient and accessible storage for her belongings, she was able to carry her reading glasses, tablet, cell phone and even a small digital camera. It can withstand constant zipper use and its shoulder length strap is adjustable, making it a dependable and flexible everyday bag as well.


Whether you have a luxury or over-sized tote over your shoulder or a travel bag across your body, you have the options out there to find a bag that is suitable for your travel needs. While each of these bags offer something different, you can be assured that they provide the fashionable looks, durability and versatility that you value as a woman on-the-go.

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