Top Travel Blogs


top travel blogs

We could all use a little traveling inspiration. We are the place to go for luggage reviews, but for travel stories and information we defer to our friends. Below are our favorite travel blogs from some of our favorite people from all over the world. We encourage you to check them out, read about their journeys and connect with them on social media!


Different Doors

Our friends Revati & Charles- Travel blogger couple from India providing guides, tips, travelogues and features on Asia, Australia, Africa and Europe.


A Dangerous Business

Travel blog of our friend Amanda – an ordinary girl from Ohio, in search of life’s extraordinary adventures.


Adrian’s Travel Tales

Adrian is a world traveler that quit her job at 27 and moved to Southeast Asia. After a few different jobs and 15 countries under her belt, she decided to live the life of a permanent traveler and does not regret it!


Going Awesome Places

The travel blog of Will: Travel blogger, photographer and social media expert, specializing in affordable luxury adventure travel.


All Over the Map

Family adventure travel and cultural experiences. Family gap year trips. Family travel blog.


Aussie on the Road

Read the travel tales of Chris – our Australian pal who’s a freelance writer, theatre graduate, and travel addict.


Am I Nearly There Yet?

Travel blog offering inspiration, photography and advice – Run by long-term global travelers, Stu and Eloise.


The Travelling Squid

Phebe’s blog is out to prove it’s very much possible to pursue one’s love for travel and hold a day job at the same time.



Anil is the blogger and computer security engineer who writes foXnoMad while on a journey to visit every country in the world. He’ll show you the tips, tricks, and tech you can use to travel smarter.


How To Travel With Pets

Anil’s other site, that was born out of his desire to help travelers with pets learn about the best ways to travel the world with their animal friends.



“An infinitesimal of the third order.”


Geotraveler’s Niche

Lola Akinmade Åkerström – Stockholm-based writer, photographer, artist, traveler, consultant, and Christian. Also a National Geographic Creative photographer.


The Inspired Globetrotter

Inspiring you to ditch the 9-5 and join the open road. Dream, Strive, Discover.


Nomadic Samuel

Sam runs one of the most popular travel blog on the entire internet. He’s traveled to over 26 different countries and has a truly wonderful writing and video style that makes everything he puts out, incredibly entertaining.


Audrey Bergner – That Backpacker

Audrey travels full time as a travel blogger, photographer, YouTube video maker, and freelance travel writer. Her very cool YouTube channel documents her travels and the foods she eats along the way with her husband Sam (see above)!


Backpacking Travel Blog

Awesome travel blog with a great mix of articles, photo blogs, photo essays and interviews all in the world of travel.


Smiling Faces Travel Photos

This is one of our favorite photo blog sites. This site has been around since 2012, and features some of the most amazing travel photography you’ll find online in one place.


The Dunheger Travel Blog

This is the travel blog of Dunnheger, the makers of what we chose as the best digital luggage scale. They update it frequently and always have great tips for travelers.


Indefinite Adventure

British travel bloggers Sam and Zab’s site, featuring guides, stories and more from a gay, vegan, digital nomad couple.


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