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Delsey is a great luggage brand and has been selected as one of the best luggage brands as chosen by this website because of their stylish yet affordable line of luggage. We just say Delsey, but sometimes you might see it written as “DELSEY Paris” around the internet – it’s the same thing. Delsey is most famous for their hard-sided luggage which you’ll find below, among the rest of our favorites. Delsey is typically known as a hardsided luggage manufacturer, however they do have some awesome softsided luggage to choose from as well.

Best Delsey Luggage

delsey luggage reviewsBest Delsey Suitcase: Helium Aero Spinner

Carry on: 20.5″ x 14.5″ x 10″ – 8.6 lbs.

Midsize suitcase: 25” x 17.5” x 11.5”  –  12. lbs.

Large suitcase: 29” x 19.5” x 12.5” – 12.6 lbs.

The highest-rated Delsey suitcase line is the Helium Aero. These are each sold individually, though some people buy all three to create their own set. The suitcase’s look and functionality doesn’t change between the three, only the size and weight (and of course price).

What makes the Aero such an awesome suitcase is the TSA dial luggage lock built into the suitcase. Your stuff will be safe and you’ll never lose the key since it’s a combination lock that only you and the TSA will have access to. Another reason we love this bag so much is the expandable functionality. Most hard-sided luggage doesn’t allow for expanding like soft luggage can, until now. Delsey found a way to give you the protection of a hard suitcase with the expansion benefits of a soft suitcase.

soft-sided delsey luggageBest Soft-sided Delsey Suitcase: Helium Hyperlite Carry-On

Dimensions: 9” x 20.5” x 14” – 6lbs.

Delsey is most well-known for their awesome hard-sided luggage, but they also have something to offer travelers wanting something different. The Helium Hyperlite line is one of the best soft-sided luggage lines we’ve ever seen. The carryon weighs less than 7lbs, which is quite a feat. Delsey has added an expandable zipper to give you an extra bit of space when you need it, just like the Aero above.

The Helium Hyperlite has been noted by many owners as a great “weekend” bag because it’s so lightweight and mobile thanks to the 4 spinner wheels. The only drawback we could find is that some owners have reported issues of the bag tipping over, which can happen if you pack heavier things towards the top (the side opposite the handle). As long as you pack smart, you shouldn’t have a problem.

delsey vintage suitcaseBest Vintage Delsey Suitcase: Chatelet Spinner

Carry on: 22” x 10.5” x 15” – 9.3 lbs.

Midsize suitcase: 25” x 12” x 19” – 10.5 lbs.

Large suitcase: 29” x 13.5” x 21.8” – 12.5 lbs.

If you’re looking for a new piece of luggage that resembles more of a vintage style, our top pick is the Chatelet Spinner. The design of the Chatelet sets it apart from any other suitcase on the market today. Luggage looks always comes down to personal preference, and in our opinion, it’s one of the best looking bags we’ve come across.

The Chatelet is available in several different color combinations, and really gives that luxury luggage feel in each of them. We love the vintage charm of this bag, but it really has some modern features that travelers like us will love. The built-in TSA combination lock is a tasteful way to secure your belongings inside, without investing in a loose lock that would only take away from the charm of this particular suitcase. Another modern feature is the wheel locking system, which is super easy to use, and will save your bag from rolling around when you don’t want it to, a gripe of many spinner luggage owners.

We might be partial to this one because it reminds us of our logo. Either way If you want to buy luggage with classic looks yet modern features, definitely check this suitcase out.

Most Unique Delsey Suitcase: Belfort Plusunique luggage delsey

Carry on: 22” x 10” x 16” – 8.5 lbs.

Midsize suitcase: 27” x 12” x 18.5” – 10.7 lbs.

Large suitcase: 31” x 13.5” x 20.5” – 11.7 lbs.

Unique luggage isn’t very common. You’ll notice at the airport how everyone’s bag looks the same. Even most of what is for sale online is your standard colors and style. People looking for a Delsey bag that stands out from all the rest should check out the Belfort Plus line of unique luggage.

Upon first glance, this bag looks like a spaceship. Bright bold colors make it incredibly easy to spot on a baggage carousel, which is a huge bonus. This bag looks like a spaceship, which could interest you if you’re sick of the typical offerings. You’ll notice there aren’t any zippers on this bag, just one handle opening that locks with a built-in TSA luggage lock. Delsey luggage reviews have shown time and time again that the Belfort Plus is not just a great looking suitcase, but also a great value.


The average luggage shopper may not be as familiar with Delsey like they are with brands like Samsonite, however they are worth checking out. Just read through Delsey luggage reviews on sites like Amazon or eBags and you’ll see how happy Delsey owners are. Whether you want something traditional, vintage, or unique, Delsey has you covered with a solid, well-reviewed suitcase.

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